Training structure
Muay Thai
Training Structure
Sitjemam’s students receive training based on the following weekly scheduled programmes, and although it is the same for everyone, beginners will be given step-by-step instruction focusing more on technique while fighters will be granted our special care.

Morning Session
8am – 10am, March – October

8:30am – 10:30am, November – February

Afternoon Session

4pm – 6pm, March – October
4:30pm – 6:30pm, November – February

Private / after-hours sessions are available upon request.


Running thai boxing at sitjemam pai.


Running thai boxing pai.


Every Session
- Rope skipping / jumping on tyres
- Shadow boxing (supervised by a trainer)
- Bagwork (supervised by a trainer)

- Padwork with a trainer

- Clinching
- Drills on the bags (knees, kicks, push-kicks in groups, supervised)

- Sparring (3x weekly)
- Core exercises (neck, arms, back, abs, legs)
- Cool down and stretching



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
speed endurance speed speed endurance Active rest
Boxe sparring   Explosive power circuit techniques   MT sparring
    MT sparring      


1 session 1 Day (2 sessions) 1 Week 1 Month
300 Baht 500 Baht 2,500 Baht 9,000 Baht

Muay Boran(“Ancient Boxing”)


Sitjemam muay boran pai

Sitjemam Muay Thai Pai students choosing to attend the Muay Boran (“Ancient Boxing”) course will be instructed by Kru Mam on both the practical and theoretical aspects of the martial art that is the ancestor to modern Muay Thai.


Muay Boran contains a number of regional styles, such as Muay Chaiya, Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi, and Muay Thasao. Although an ancient style, Muay Boran is still widely practiced in Thailand, and it was featured extensively in the popular Hollywood movie Ong Bak.


This has led to a sudden interest in this martial art, which focuses on fast, hard attacks, and an economy of energy. Every attack is looked at in terms of its payoff of physical damage for energy used. As a result, knees and elbows play a large part in Muay Boran, as they are capable of inflicting serious damage with a minimum output.


In the 1930s, Muay Thai came about as the result of a more formalised system of Muay Boran, which integrated many ideas from Western boxing. Most notably, Muay Thai fighters wear gloves instead of the traditional hemp wrapping around the fingers and wrists used in Muay Boran, and are subject to a fairly dense array of rules.


During the practical part of the Sitjemam Muay Boran course, students will learn the different ancient regional striking/defense positions, stances and footwork of Muay Boran. Special attention will be granted to the theoretical aspects of the martial art, where students will be taught about the historical/cultural/traditional facets of Muay Boran, including different ways of hand-wrapping and various styles of ‘Wai Kru’ (a ritual dance performed by boxers before a fight to pay respect to the teachers).


Students will also learn how to create the traditional ‘Mogkon’ and ‘Phrajaed’. Worn on the fighter’s head to bring prosperity and good fortune while warding away danger and injury, the Mogkon represents the spirit and strength of the gym and its master instructor. The Phrajaed is worn on the arms of the boxer to bring luck and protect the boxer from injury.


Fitness and Weight Loss

In a famous interview, even Muhammad Ali said that he used to hate every minute of his training – so we are not here to tell you that it is going to be easy – but we are sure that it is going to be worth it!


Our relaxed new setting provides the perfect location where a dedicated team of fitness coaches will guide you to reach the best shape of your life. You will be able to blast away that unwanted extra weight and achieve a level of strength and conditioning that you would have never suspected you could attain.
At Sitjemam Muay Thai Pai, we will push every student to a safe maximum catered towards personal goals – but don’t be scared by the intensity and difficulty of the workouts, as every session will be individually adapted to your health and fitness needs.


We will be happy to assist you through your fitness journey with specially designed food plans, supplements, massage, consultation and private one-on-one sessions. Let us help you to achieve the best results in the shortest amount time!


Our results speak for us.



The training space

Open air ring

The training sessions take place on our newly built open air space with a high rise roof which allows a breeze to flow through the gym to help cool you down, equipped with a Fairtex 6m x 6m  ring, 6 heavybags and 1 wall bag on a padded floor area to help prevent foot damage and  a shadow boxing/warm up area in which to learn/practice techniques.


On site you will find a selection of free weights, boxing weights, pull up and dip bars, thai and speedropes, large tyres and everything you need to sharp your level of fitness.

NOTE: Although the gym has used gloves and hand wraps for use we recommend students staying longer than a week purchase their own equipment for hygiene reasons.
Pro shop selling standard  and customized equipment from various brands located on site.

The trainers

Palannoi KietAnan

Legendary fighter from the golden era (3x lumpinee champion 105,112,126 pounds) and renowned trainer of fighters such as DuangKaew Hiranrat, Kongkiet Sit Chumthong, Terdthai Saengmorakot, and among foriegn fighters K1 legend Masato Kobayashi and JWP.
Mr. Palannoi is widely regarded as one the most eminent muay thai masters.

He leads the daily training sessions as Head Trainer/Ajarn.


Wangjan Sor. Wanchat

Beside being an accomplished and still active muay fimeu with over 300 fights in Thailand and abroad, former #1 Rajadamnern and #1 Lumpini, Mr. Wangjan has already matured a consistent experience as a trainer in many gyms in Thailand and abroad such as Fairtex Pattaya, Sitsongpeenong Bangkok and Bulldog Parramatta.

Kru Wangjan is pushing the quality of our training to even higher standards.

Training goal

Better athletes, better fighters, better people

We strive to improve the athletic and fighting ability of beginners and hope that through an understanding of the principles of Muay Thai they grow and mature into fuller more complete individuals. For the professional we aim to provide them with improvements in technique, stamina and power. We hope that all when asked "Where did you learn that?" will reply: "I learnt it at Sitjemam Muay Thai in Pai."

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